Balloon Ranger’s Balloon Sculpting

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Balloon Ranger’s Balloon Sculpting

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Price = Quality


Most parents will hire entertainments for their child’s Birthday Party, be it, Magic Show, Balloon Sculpting, Face Painting and more. So what I am going to talk about is Balloon Sculpting, which is my speciality. Many times parents might just go for the lowest price in the market, I mean who do not want to save cost. However price will determine the quality, I am not saying lowest will be no good. But if a person were to charge higher, he or she will, of course, have the confidence to assure his or her skills will be better.

Some parents might think that it is just Balloons, as long as the kids are happy then it will be fine. Imagine you walk to the balloon artist and ask for a balloon sculpture and end up getting something that you could just get it for free at some road show because he or she do not know how to sculpt what you want, will you feel disappointed and angry, you paid for the service and end up not being satisfied.

So what I going to do is to show you what balloon sculptures you will expect if you hired Balloon Ranger.

Balloon BelleBalloon CinderellaBalloon FairyBalloon LionBalloon ParrotBalloon T-rex20160327_165612Balloon Daisy

I like doing Balloon Sculpting for Birthday Parties and I will do my best. The Birthday Kid will also get a Special Balloon from Balloon Ranger. All in all, I would say that you get for what you pay for.

For enquiries, you can email to askballoonranger@gmail OR Call/Whatsapp Leyeon @ 9154 6135.

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