Balloon Sculpting at Preschool

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Balloon Sculpting at Preschool

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Time spent playing with children is never wasted

with children is never wasted.

I went to many places to do Balloon Sculpting, Preschools is the place where I enjoyed the most. I will see many happy faces on the children when they heard their teacher said that there will be balloons. Children will crowd around me telling me what balloons they want, I will always ask them to think of what they wanted while waiting because they are only allowed to choose 1 design.

Below are happy faces of the children…

Girl with Pony

Girl with Mermaid

Girl with Hello Kitty

Boys with sword

I will always try my best fulfil what the children want unless the request is really difficult for me to do. I understand the feeling of not able to get what you wanted. If I am not able to do it, I will give an alternative choice.

When there are balloons usually it is because there is a Birthday Celebration and the Birthday kid will get a Special Balloon from me. For this party I made the Birthday Girl herself, matching her colour of her dress and headband.

Yellow dress girl

Birthday girl yellow dress

Birthday Girl with her Special Balloon.

Hence, this is the main reason why I enjoyed doing Balloon Sculpting in Preschools.

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