Character Balloon Sculpting

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Character Balloon Sculpting

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Character Balloon Bracelet Sculpting

Balloon Ranger now launches a new balloon sculpting style, which is Adorable, is Cute, is Fancy.

Balloon Bracelet - Wonder Woman Balloon Bracelet - Spiderman Balloon Bracelet - Iron Man Balloon Bracelet - Sofia

Balloon Bracelet - Hello Kitty Balloon Bracelet - Ariel Balloon Bracelet - Elsa Balloon Bracelet - Pinky Pie

These adorable balloon bracelets could be wore on the wrist. Both adults and children will fancy this bracelet. The character for bracelet could be requested depending on what the person likes, the most popular selection nowadays are Princesses and Super Heroes.

Why Balloon Bracelets?

In the many parties, kids tend to lose their balloons and end up being sad. So we had decided to make a wearable balloon bracelet so that it will not be stolen by others or lost. The balloon bracelets are so easy to post with while taking a photo.

For enquiries, you can email to askballoonranger@gmail OR Call/Whatsapp Leyeon @ 9154 6135.

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