CNY Balloon Decorations 2020

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CNY Balloon Decorations 2020

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Balloon Cai Shen

Balloon Ranger did a few balloon decorations during the Chinese New Year period. The usual request from clients will be the very well known “God of Fortune”, AKA “Cai Shen Ye”.

Life-Size Balloon Cai Shen(s) – Park Royal Collection Marina

Our client was celebrating their company CNY dinner and they requested for 2 life-size balloons Cai Shen to decorate the entrance of the ballroom and it also serves as a photo-taking spot.

Life-Size Balloon Cai Shen & Pair of Balloon Pineapple – SUSS LNY 2020

SUSS has its yearly Chinese New Year celebration for their staffs, our client request to have something to be placed on the stage as the stage is too empty so we did a Balloon Cai Shen and a pair of Balloon pineapple.

Balloon Columns – CNY Lion

Other than Cai Shen Ye, we also did a pair of CNY Lion Balloon for our client. The Balloon CNY Lions were a gift from our client to his, so it was set up at his house. The client was impressed when first saw the balloon lions as he did not expect that balloon could be used to construct into a CNY Lion.

Balloon Photo Frame – Entrepreneurs’ Organization CNY Party

Entrepreneurs’ Organization held their CNY party at Clarke Quay – Da Miao Hotpot. Our client requests a photo-taking balloon frame. However, it was a challenge because the balloons were needed to be placed outside of the store and it was quite windy that day. Usually, when it comes to balloon decorations with a lot of details, I will recommend to put it indoor. It is because Balloons are not outdoor-friendly, it tends to oxide and it might burst when comes to contact with the heat and air.

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