When Ranger meets Rabbit

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When Ranger meets Rabbit

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Whoever is happy will

make others

happy too.

In a Birthday Celebration, when there is a magician there will usually be a balloonist too. It seems like these two activities go hand in hand. Recently I did a few shows with Singapore’s Favourite Children Magician – Mr Rabbit, the flow of the show will be Magic first then follow by Balloon Sculpting.

Mr rabbit in action

Mr Rabbit in action.

I had watched Mr Rabbit Magic Show for many times and it never fails to amaze me, the reaction of the children was wonderful and he was very engaging with the children. The way he handled the children was great, sometimes children tend to be noisy and get distracted easily, Mr Rabbit will first get the children attention and set a few rules before starting the magic show. I think this way was brilliant, the children will not be distracted and also everyone could enjoy the show.

Mr Rabbit showtime

Mr Rabbit Showtime.

During Mr Rabbit Show, some children will be invited up to help Mr Rabbit with the Magic Show. The children will either help Mr Rabbit to complete the magic or he or she will become a magician. Of course not forgetting the Birthday kid, he or she will usually help Mr Rabbit with his last magic – The Floating table, the Birthday kid and Mr Rabbit will make the table float together.

 floating table Mr Rabbit

Final Magic – The Floating Table.

After the Magic Show comes the Balloon Sculpting, the children will first get into a line to queue up for their turn to request for a balloon. The boys usually will request for Sword, Guns, Car, Airplane and more and the girls will request for Flowers, Butterflies, Rabbit and more. As for the Birthday kid, he or she will get a special balloon and usually it will be made before coming to the event.

Here are some of the Birthday kid with their Special Balloon,

balloon sculpting for birthday

Birthday Girl with Special Balloon – Minnie Mouse.

Birthday girl with Elsa

Birthday Girl with Special Balloon – Princess Elsa.

Birthday girl with Doraemon

Birthday Girl with Special Balloon – Doraemon.

After 1 hour of Balloon Sculpting, all the children will have balloons and it will be time to move on to our next show. We will usually ask how many children will there be so that we could advise on how long the Balloon Sculpting will be suitable. For 1 hour, we could ensure that there will be around 20 balloon sculptures.

To find out more about Mr Rabbit, click here

For enquiries, you can email to askballoonranger@gmail OR Call/Whatsapp Leyeon @ 9154 6135.

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